Maximize your
DeFi yields.

Sharpe is a layer 2 DeFi protocol that builds composable and capital efficient products atop blue chip primitives in order to earn the maximum yields in DeFi.

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DeFi yields, simplified.

Sharpe builds capital efficient and composable strategy vaults that delivers consistent returns across bull and bear markets.

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Quantitative Management

Scientific approach to asset management that utilizes cutting-edge quantitative financial tools.

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Multi-strategy approach

Maximize potential yield by a suite of robust and innovative investment strategy vaults.

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Yield Enhancement

Innovative products combining various strategies to generate higher consistent yields.

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Risk Mitigation

Battle testing using decades of simulation on synthetic data to limit downside volatility and risk.

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Automated Rebalancing

Systematic rebalanced to generate high returns while assuming the fewest risks possible.

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Non Custodial

Investors have complete ownership and control over their funds, and only they can control funds.

DeFi Middleware Infrastructure

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Next Generation DeFi layer

Sharpe builds best-in-class strategy vaults that allows users to earn the highest yields in DeFi

Maximize DeFi yields

With advanced strategy vaults that are simple to use for both DeFi experts and beginners, all with a clear UX, Uncomplicating DeFi investing.

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Smart Vaults

The investment products are created in a systematic and scientific manner using sophisticated financial engineering tools and the best quantitative methods.

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Clear communication of product details, chains, and protocols used to construct strategy vaults, as well as the risks involved.

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Earn the highest yields with battle tested and audited smart contracts that assure maximum returns while safeguarding user funds.

Automated Investment Strategies

Automated investment strategies using smart contracts and decentralized secure off-chain computation using Chainlink and Gelato.

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Focus on ROI

Sharpe creates the best-in-class products for users to maximize risk-adjusted earnings in bull and bear markets.

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Automated Rebalancing

Sharpe manages the debt holdings of each strategy, and automatically (de)leverages and manages positions to mitigate risks.

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How it works.

Sharpe meets the needs of its users by making it simple to earn a return on their crypto assets in a secure manner.

Your assets are automatically put to work to maximize yield profits and give you the highest APYs while keeping your funds safe.


Deposit funds

Connect your wallet and deposit assets to the vault with a well designed intuitive user experience.


Choose strategy vaults

Choose a strategy from an array of choices that best fits your investment objectives and risk tolerance

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Set and forget

One-stop-shop for all investors performing continuous monitoring and automatic rebalancing of users funds.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Sharpe?

Sharpe is a decentralized layer 2 protocol building strategy vaults combining multiple primitives to earn sustainable superior risk-adjusted yield.

Does Sharpe have a token?

Sharpe presently does not have a token yet. The Sharpe governance token will be distributed shortly after the mainnet.

What are strategy vaults?

Strategy vaults are pre-packaged buy-side investment products that combine blue-chip protocols across staking, lending and AMMs to create novel investment strategies tailored to earn the highest returns in DeFi.

I have another question that is not listed here

Can't find the answer to your question? Check out the documentation or reach out to us on Discord.

I have another question that is not listed here

Can't find the answer to your question? Check out the documentation or reach out to us on Discord.

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