Boost your
Staking yields.

Sharpe Stake is a composability layer on top of leading staking protocols. Yields earned from staking are enhanced with capital efficiency and compounding.

A new paradigm in
Staking yields.

Yields earned from staking protocols like Lido are not capital efficient, Sharpe Stake increases staking yield by using lending protocols to boost staking rewards.

Staking yields,

Sharpe Stake is composable. by leveraging the power of Flashloans and using automated smart contracts, it is able to generate maximum yields while still managing risk efficiently.


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Increased Yields

Sharpe Stake improves the capital efficiency of Lido pools and users are able to earn higher APYs

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Trustless, non-custodial and decentralised smart contracts. only the users control their funds.

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Sustainable Yields

Long-term sustainable and steady yields earned
on ETH and other PoS assets.  

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Risk monitored

On-chain keeper performs 24/7 risk monitoring and automated de-leveraging